Supervision for Residency

Joshua Freeman, LPC
Owner & Therapist

As a Virginia Board Certified Supervisor, I offer supervision to both Residents in Counseling and Residents in Marriage and Family Therapy in the state of Virginia. While my Residents have many interests, my clinical specialties focus on anxiety, couples, and Christian counseling. 

I believe this process isn’t only about caring for your clients—it’s caring for you, as you develop into a professional therapist.

How To Get Started


I will reach out for a consultation.

On boarding

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Scheduling Supervision

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FAQs About Resident Supervision

Do I need a supervisor before applying for my Resident license?

Yes! In order to apply for residency, you are required to obtain a supervisor who meets the requirements for supervision of residents. This may be done through the state supervisor registry. (p. 6, LPC Licensure Process Handbook)

If I am seeking supervision in VA as a Resident, can I receive supervision from another supervisor who is licensed out of state?

“Supervision completed in another jurisdiction can possibly count toward licensure if it meets the requirements outlined in Virginia’s Regulations. The board will not review this supervision until you have completed your supervised experience, pass the NCMHCE examination and apply for LPC licensure by examination. You must have your past supervisor(s) complete Virginia’s Verification of Supervision form. You should keep this information until you are ready to apply for LPC licensure by examination. Additionally, you will be required to submit your supervisor’s license verification in order to verify that they meet the supervisor requirements.” (p. 10, LPC Licensure Process Handbook)

What are the examination requirements for receiving my LPC in VA?

To become licensed as an LPC by the Board you must pass the National Clinical Mental Health Counselors Examination (NCMHCE), unless you are applying for licensure by endorsement.

You must pass the NCMHCE examination within six (6) years from the date of initial issuance of the resident license. A licensed resident can take the examination at any point during the residency without Board pre-approval. An extension request after the six (6) year time period will not be considered (p. 10, LPC Licensure Process Handbook)

*If you graduate from a CACREP-accredited program, your program will most likely assist you in enrolling for the exam prior to graduating.

What minimum documentation do you require to begin supervision?

  • Cover letter (optional, but encouraged)
  • Updated Resume or CV
  • Proof of active Professional Liability Insurance
  • For Virginia: Completed licensure residency paperwork, now available online under the category: “Temporary License as a Resident in Counseling”

What is a Supervisory Contract?

The VA Board of Counseling defines a supervisory contract is an agreement that outlines the expectations and responsibilities of the supervisor and resident in accordance with regulations of the board.

This is an example of a supervision contract you will sign if we were to work together. It is based off the sample that the VA Board of Counseling recommends. This will be provided to residents seeking licensure in VA.

How many supervision hours are required for my LPC in VA?

“A minimum of 200 hours of supervisory sessions, occurring at a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 4 hours of supervision per 40 hours of work experience, during the period of the residency. Up to 20 hours of the supervision received during the supervised internship may be counted toward the 200 hours of in-person supervision if the supervision was provided by a LPC.” (p. 9, LPC Licensure Process Handbook)

How do we schedule supervision?

Either I or my Administrative Assistant will coordinate with you. I provide some standing appointments as well as some flexible appointments. We will discuss what is best for both of our schedules.

How do we meet for supervision?

If you are local to Richmond, we will be opportunities to meet in person at my office. We will also be able to meet via Google Meet. If meeting virtually, I will provide you with the link for our meetings.

How much does it cost?

Great question! There are several factors that determine this. We will discuss this once we know if it is a good fit and explore options.